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Wednesday Nite Live Fireside Chat
Rose of Sharron Sanctuary
7:30 PM Every Wednesday!
Virtual Participation Only ~

Archetypes: What They Are and Why You Should Care

Dr. Sharron Stroud will share the work of Carol Pearson, whom she studied with and gave workshops related to the Power of Archetypes.  “From the observable aspects of what you or others are doing, it is possible for the conscious mind to figure out what archetype might be motivating someone. Recognizing the behaviors and attitudes that are typical for that archetype allows you to predict the story lines that a person or group in which that archetype is dominant is likely to experience. In your own life, once you notice what archetypes are present, you can try to live the version of that story that has a happy ending, rather than one that ends badly.

Archetypes, then, are universal human ways of being that are deeper than culture (but reflect cultural mindsets in their diverse images and narratives), and that are as important to you today as they were to the ancients who personified them as gods and goddesses. Through understanding the archetypal stories that shape our values, character, culture, and capacities—and those of other people and groups—we, as individuals and organizations, can realize our unique potential and experience greater success and fulfillment.” 

-Carol S. Pearson