“We are made up of electricity: the vibrations of energy and grace. Grace implies a sacredness, a force of consciousness that is beyond matter, space and time. This consciousness has an ability to help you see the beauty in life, even when life is filled with pain, uncertainty or longing. The vibration of grace awakens the inner awareness that you are part of the sacred dance and that sometimes you suffer and other times you feel immense joy. It gives you the ability to step back from your reactions and know that you are moving in time with the sacred rhythm of the universe.

This inner knowing reminds you that you are already okay; you just have to remember that you are. This awareness can come in one breath of connecting to an inner presence. It can calm the mind and remind you that you are more than your thoughts or experiences; you are your soul’s own grace, fully in the moment, open to what is. This openness takes practice, but opening to grace and asking for the universe or life to teach you, keeps you vibrant and curious, engaging effusively in a heart-centered life.” - Swami Jaya Devi

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