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               Wednesday Nite Live Theme—Gratitude As a Way of Life!

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 In his insightful look into humanity's ego-based thinking, Eckhart Tolle provides practical teachings for waking up to a new, enlightened mind-set. If you're seeking a more loving self and a more loving planet, A New Earth has the tools to begin your transformation. 
Is humanity more prepared now than at the time of those early 
teachers?   Why should this be so?
What can we do, if anything, to bring about or accelerate this inner shift? 
What is it that characterizes the old egoic state of consciousness, and by what signs is the new emerging consciousness recognized?

 More important, this book itself is a transformational device that has come out of the arising new consciousness. The ideas and concepts presented here may be important, but they are secondary. They are no more than signposts pointing toward awakening. As you read, a shift takes place within you.

These and other essential questions will be addressed in this book at the Rose of Sharron Fireside Chat.  Every Wednesday in February!

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