Dr. Sharron Stroud

Dr. Sharron Stroud is a woman dedicated to healing the planet. The slogan “Think Globally And Act Locally” would describe what she has been about for the past 40 years. She is an author, professional speaker, and a spiritual leader. She has served the New Thought movement for 40 years as a spiritual leader.

The Reverend Doctor Sharron Stroud received her Ministerial Degree at the Ernest Holmes College in Los Angeles, CA, and it is relevant to note that she was the first female to serve as the President of the Ernest Holmes College

Dr. Sharron Stroud is a world renowned inspirational lecturer and teacher. She has lectured in South Africa, Japan, Korea, Canada, Costa Rica, St. Catherine’s University at Oxford, England for the World Forum 2008, Madonna University and Caritas University in Nigeria, Africa 2008.

Her greatest commitment is to the transformation of the planet and world peace. She was a presenter at the Human Unity Conference, served as a Chairperson of the Board for the Planetary Commission and was an active participant in the World Peace Event. Dr. Stroud’s ministry has taken part in the First Earth Run, Hands Across America, United Nations Walk for Peace, and she has spoken at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, Central America.

Dr. Sharron Stroud, President
International Foundation
for World Peace and Research

InnerFaith Spiritual Center and the Vision Council Board would like to congratulate Dr. Sharron Stroud for receiving the Presidency of the International Foundation for World Peace and Research!

It was an unanimous vote from the International Board which brings together representatives from Amsterdam, Croatia, Poland, India, Germany and Africa.

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