Dr. Sharron’s Sunday Meditation

Right now somewhere in the world
A Jew is saying his prayers,
A Hindu is chanting a mantra and a
Buddhist is kneeling at her sacred shrine.
Right now at this very moment someone is
Lighting a Candle in a Cathedral
Someone is making their haj toward Mecca
For it is the will of Allah,
And someone else is lighting a fire in a jungle
Repeating an ancient mystical drama.
Many, Many pathways up the mountaintop
And the View is always the same from the summit!

In the Dawning of the Spiritual Sun
For a moment all faiths became as One.
The Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Jew
Became as One and somehow knew
That Mystic Voice that calls to me
O yonder, yonder person I Am Thee!

-Sharron Stroud

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