Unexpected Income Program

The Unexpected Income Program is the first step toward becoming prosperous. It is a wonderful experience to learn how to increase your income, and after having learned how to use the Law of Increase for money, you can use this Law for all areas for your life and become truly prosperous.

We will teach you how to increase your income through unexpected sources. This means receiving money from sources other than your regular earnings. Dr. Sharron Stroud has gathered the prosperity secrets of the ages for your use and understanding. Many thousands have experienced the thrill of receiving money in surprising and wonderful ways.

What to Do

To get started you must be prepared to make a commitment.
State aloud:
I ask the Ministry of Prayer to treat for me daily for 30 days. As I receive the Unexpected Income, I will give ten percent of all I receive to Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide.  ​You must commit to spend at least 10 minutes per day focusing on the Daily Prosperity Treatment to expand your consciousness to include unexpected income. The Ministry of Prayer will assist you in this new adventure. They will treat daily for you for 30 days.

Daily Prosperity Treatment

I now choose to experience the receipt of money from unexpected sources.
I know there is One Life – that Life is God and that Life is my life now.
There is only One Mind- that Mind is God and that Mind is my mind now.
This one Mind, being of all Intelligence, operates in accordance with Divine Principles and Laws which operate through me now.
I know there is a Law of Mind that states: “What the mind can conceive and believe , the Law of Mind Can achieve.”
The Mind has no limits. It is infinite; therefore, it is possible to think and imagine the possibility of receiving money from unexpected places. As a seed grows and multiplies, my awareness expands to include greater prosperity.
I recognize this, and I realize that i Am the only thinker in my world. I choose to claim my inheritance as being created out of Infinite Source of All that is.
I know this money exists and there is the Law of Mind that will provide me with it in wonderful and surprising ways.
I now use my imagination to mentally experience the joy of receiving unexpected money. I Am thankful for the new found ability to lift my consciousness into loving unions with the Source of all.
I now release my word to Omnipotent Divine Mind for fulfillment.

Thank you God for it being your great and wonderful pleasure to provide me always with expected and unexpected income. I am Blessed. And so it is.

Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide
Post Office Box 2102
Palm Springs, CA  92263

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