Dr. Sharron Stroud presents at SUE Talks

I’m here at the Claremont Hilton, and presented for SUE Talks which was founded on the Feminine energy of a Soul Centered approach, whereas, the masculine TED Talks is more mental in nature. It’s a pleasure to serve such a Heart centered organization.❤️ I was Blessed to have Loving Friends who travelled to offer their Love and Support! My Beloved Friend Barbara Berg also gave an inspiring SUE Talk! I Am in Gratitude to my Beloved Friends, Robbie Motter, Joan Wakeland, Lauryn Hunter, Angela Covany, DrCherilyn Lee! Bless You! ❤

I Am so deeply moved by these Bright, Beautiful and Brilliant women who came to support me at the SUE Talk Event! My Rose of Sharron Sanctuary is filled with the fragrance of flowers Robbie Motter, Lauryn Hunter and Innerfaith New Thought Spiritual Center Palm Springs bestowed upon me!

I spoke about the “raw” experience of being raised in domestic violence with my sister taking her own life. I have received several PM’s that shared they were deeply served by my emotional honesty and authentic experience. The Theme was, “Someone Has to Say It” and I did! ❤. My heart was touched by One SUE Talk Speaker who wrote:

“Dr. Sharron, Thanks so much! Your speech was so powerful and moving! Your depth and incredible experiences with your family propels me to keep going deeper!  🥳❤️❤️ So much Love.”

I have been invited into Women’s Shelters for over 45 years to speak on the Cycle of Violence and how it can be broken.  As I stated in my Talk, “We are given the opportunity to rise up as the Phoenix, from the ashes of burnt offerings, triumphant and victorious! We can make an excuse or we can make it happen! Someone Has to Say It!” ❤

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