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The Gentle Art of Blessing

 How can a blessing change the world? According to Pierre Pradervand,

making the conscious choice to bless every person or being around you can truly make

a world of difference in yourself and in others.

In The Gentle Art of Blessing, we are shown that the practice of blessing has the power

to create more than just a renewed perspective. It unleashes tangible benefits throughout

your entire life through your daily interactions, your life-long relationships, and in the way

your approach your place in the world.

The gentle art of blessing can be described as genuinely wishing the best for another person

through seeing their individual worth and honoring them for it. By looking at several

different perspectives which include spiritual inspiration from Hinduism, Taoism, the Koran,

the Bible, and other important spiritual sources.   The Gentle Art of Blessing explores the

potential in shifting one’s attitude from confrontation and negativity to acceptance and

enthusiasm. A powerfully simple way of perceiving and shaping our surroundings, blessings

can reflect the unconditional love and acceptance that is necessary for the world and inner peace.

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