All Paths That Lead to God Are Good


What we Believe

  • We believe in God, the One Power, Presence, Source and Substance of all that is, whose will for us is eternal bliss, love, health, prosperity and good fortune.
  • We believe the Power and Presence of God is within us and that we can use that power to accomplish anything, through our desires, beliefs, thoughts, words and actions.
  • We believe there are many paths to God and we support every person’s right to worship as he or she chooses.
  • We believe we are eternal and therefore given unlimited opportunities to succeed and attain our heartfelt desires and goals through prayer, meditation and by practicing the Principles of Successful Living.
  • We believe that heaven is first a state of Mind that we can attain now and forever.
  • We believe in the Law of Life that states: we get back what we give out.
  • We believe that as our humanness gives way to the Divine the Christ Consciousness arises triumphant and victorious.

Our Mission

To heal, inspire, empower, and prosper the world.
Our Purpose is to know God, love God, and Serve God through each other.
The Teachings of Innerfaith Spiritual Center Worldwide are based on the Ancient God given scriptures of the great religions, the wisdom of the ages, and the revelations of enlightened souls.

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